Appointments are conducted with all COVID-19 accommodations in mind.

Covid-19 has turned our world upside down, and the bridal industry is no exception. Finding the perfect wedding dress can seem overwhelming in these uncertain times because the access we had prior to the pandemic has changed for safety for all. But have no fear, wedding dress shopping can still be fun and exciting even in these crazy times!

In this “new normal” the bridal industry has made many adjustments to provide safe shopping experiences for both brides and their employees. Many bridal salons offer virtual appointments or the options to try gowns on in the comfort and safety of your own home. In-store appointments are more staggered to limit the amount of people in the salon at one time, and require masks as well as temperature checks.

As your partner in this endeavor, I will make sure you have the best shopping experience, and most importantly make sure you feel safe while doing so. Having strong connections with different designers and salons I can assure you they are doing everything possible to protect their brides.


I have always been someone who has thrived “behind the scenes”; never wanting to be in the spotlight, but rather helping someone else shine. As a bridal consultant, I realized I could do exactly that. Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life- the day you begin a new chapter with your partner and take on the world together, and I want to help you shine on that day.

When I walked into my first bridal salon as an intern, the sea of dresses overwhelmed me. As a consultant I began to understand that every bride is different, and every dress reflects that. Working in size inclusive salons, I familiarized myself with dresses for every body type, working with brides of all figures to find the gown they loved most. I memorized every dress so that when each bride arrived and shared her vision, I knew exactly how to make it a reality.

Having a successful career at Kleinfeld Bridal and Bergdorf Goodman, I learned the ins and outs of this niche industry. I have been fortunate to be featured on the iconic TV show “Say Yes to the Dress” as well as in Seventeen magazine. Sharing my bridal secrets with the world is a true blessing. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my brides jump for joy when they find the gown of their dreams.

I like to refer to myself as a professional chameleon, because at the end of the day the only opinion that matters is the bride’s, and I will support her style choices 100%. Being a private bridal stylist allows me to connect with my brides on a deeply personal level to bring their dreams to life. I feel blessed to be able to wake up every day and help make someone’s dreams come true. I have always said that you may not remember every detail of your wedding planning experience, but you will ALWAYS remember the day you bought your wedding dress, and I love that I have a small part in that memory that you will cherish forever.